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COVID-19 Specific Resources

The pandemic and subsequent social distancing requirements required agencies to rapidly adapt work processes and accelerate digital transformation plans.

Resources include:

  • Interviews with agency leaders on how COVID-19 impacted operations
  • Suggestions on how to maintain community connections
  • Best practices on how to navigate this crisis
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5 Agents on How They Are Coping

Mike Becker talks with five agents from across the country about how they are adapting and responding to the different guidelines put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic. Video length: 45 minutes

Key takeaways:

  • Steps agencies can take to better protect, communicate and serve their insureds
  • What procedures agencies are using to comply with restrictions including technologies they have implemented
  • Communicating with employees and clients and how agencies are handling in office workers and clients who want to meet in person

SOURCE:  PIA, 3.25.20


Agent to Agent with Chris Paradiso

Chris Paradiso of Paradiso Insurance discusses how he is connecting with staff, insureds, and prospects during COVID-19. Video length: 17 minutes

Key takeaways:        

  • How Paradiso insurance has responded to the pandemic both for in-person and remote workforce      
  • Importance of communications with teams as they juggle working from home with other duties (i.e. childcare)
  • Ways to keep staff motivated during the work from home period  

SOURCE:  PIA, 3.30.20


NCCI Overview of Impacts on Work Comp

PIA National Executive Vice President & CEO Mike Becker speaks with Jeff Eddinger of the National Council on Compensation Insurance NCCI. Video length: 8 minutes.

Key takeaways:        

  • Impacts on workers’ compensation premium calculations for businesses that are shut down, limited and those who have shifted employee roles
  • New coding requirements and options for physical and virtual audits
  • Potential long-term impacts  

SOURCE:  PIA, 4.1.20


Three Community Engagement Ideas in Just 10 Minutes from Verlinde Insurance

Jason Verlinde talks with Mike Becker about how insurance agencies can deepen their roots and increase engagement in their local communities. Video length: 10 minutes

Key takeaways:      

  • Using social media to support other local businesses
  • Give to local organizations that are serving the community
  • Ways to help heavily impacted businesses, like restaurants, in your area 

SOURCE:  PIA, 4.9.20


PIA Leadership Discusses Agency Challenges Related to COVID-19 Outbreak

PIA leaders discuss how agencies can stay ahead of the pandemic by identifying challenges and putting forward solutions that can help agents overcome them. Video length: 26 minutes

Key takeaways:        

  • How agencies, both large and small, are being impacted by the pandemic and its restrictions and guidelines
  • Impacts of agency cashflow and downstream effects
  • Questions arising from carriers’ responses including billing delays and audits 

SOURCE:  PIA, 4.7.20


COVID-19: The 8 Step Checklist for Insurance Agencies

This is the industry watershed moment. Today’s crisis determines who will rise, and who will fall.  Michael Jans shares eight points to help agencies thrive – not just survive.

Key takeaways:        

  • How to become the leader that employees and customers need you to be
  • Technology solutions that will help weather the storm
  • Preparing the team to answer customer questions 

SOURCE:  PropertyCasualty360, 6.4.20


How to Prepare for the New Future for Insurance Agencies

David Smith, Chief Executive of Global Futures and Foresight, strategist, keynote speaker, and futurist casts his expert eye on the insurance industry, and shares his observations on what agents should know and how they should prepare for a future that looks very different from the past. Podcast length: 60 minutes

Key takeaways:      

  • How the current pandemic and emerging technologies are “crashing together” and changing the agency business itself
  • How modern insurance agencies can catch up to the modern insurance consumer
  • How consumer expectations have changed, and the steps agencies can make to earn their loyalty today. 

SOURCE:  Agency Revolution, 5.13.20


COVID-19, New Tech, and Rapid Change – What Agents Should Do Now

Applied’s CEO, Taylor Rhodes, shares his insights, observations, and guidance on how agencies can succeed in this challenging time. Podcast length: 47 minutes

Key takeaways:      

  • Seven steps agency principals should take now to successfully navigate the current crisis
  • A clear outline for how agencies should select and adopt new technologies
  • The challenges owners face in the age of the coronavirus – and how to rise to the challenge

SOURCE:  Agency Revolution, 4.29.20